Sofia Coppola is my idol.

Through her films, she always manages to capture some part of the way I feel that not even I can capture. The melancholy discontentment and confusion – isolation – not knowing how to put anything right. I can watch Lost in Translation over and over when I’m having ‘one of those days’ sat in the consolation that somebody else feels the way that I do, reveling in the beauty of sadness.

Her new film, Somewhere, seems to have a similar tone, also set in a hotel room, also stars a discontented bachelor who also, through a new found friendship, finds hope and happiness. I’m sure that with this will bring criticism, but the first time I watched the trailer I fell in love with it.

First, the music. Mesmerizing. I keep playing it on repeat and I can’t get enough:

Julian Casablancas – I’ll Try Anything Once

Second, Elle Fanning seems like she will be amazing – so natural and fits the tone of the film perfectly

Third, it’s sofia coppola! The shots and colour and script just are perfect, I love the way that she uses the setting of a hotel in her films – it is as if her characters are in transit – their outlook is in a place that is not home, a strange, familiar place, a distorted model of reality.

basically, just watch the trailer! I can’t actually wait to see the film although it probably wont be out until january here in england 😦

View the trailer for Somewhere


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