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This is the way in which everyone should be introduced

film is something that no words can pronounce, something that defies any other attempt of expressing emotion – for me it is beyond truth because it has taken the plain cold truth and turned it into something extraordinary, beautiful, and believable. Film has got to be the most expressive art form.

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Sofia Coppola is my idol.

Through her films, she always manages to capture some part of the way I feel that not even I can capture. The melancholy discontentment and confusion – isolation – not knowing how to put anything right. I can watch Lost in Translation over and over when I’m having ‘one of those days’ sat in the consolation that somebody else feels the way that I do, reveling in the beauty of sadness.

Her new film, Somewhere, seems to have a similar tone, also set in a hotel room, also stars a discontented bachelor who also, through a new found friendship, finds hope and happiness. I’m sure that with this will bring criticism, but the first time I watched the trailer I fell in love with it.

First, the music. Mesmerizing. I keep playing it on repeat and I can’t get enough:

Julian Casablancas – I’ll Try Anything Once

Second, Elle Fanning seems like she will be amazing – so natural and fits the tone of the film perfectly

Third, it’s sofia coppola! The shots and colour and script just are perfect, I love the way that she uses the setting of a hotel in her films – it is as if her characters are in transit – their outlook is in a place that is not home, a strange, familiar place, a distorted model of reality.

basically, just watch the trailer! I can’t actually wait to see the film although it probably wont be out until january here in england 😦

View the trailer for Somewhere

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Lost in Translation

‘Everybody wants to be found.’

I have just watched the film ‘Lost in Translation’, and continued onto ‘the making of’, bonus scenes, and interviews with the writer and director, Sophia Coppola. I am now listening to the soundtrack. To be honest, I just can’t get enough – perhaps because the emotions in the film are exactly what I’m feelingright now.

The film is about two ‘lost souls’ in Tokyo and the alienation that they feel. It is as though they both have lost all meaning and purpose in their lives, but through each other they find mutual understanding. It is not a romance, but a mature and meaningful friendship. Right now, I am more feeling the alienation side of things. Weekends stuck inside my dorm room with nothing but homework and my Macbook as a portal to the outside world. But I feel like no one speaks my language – I am in my home country in a familiar place, so how come it feels like I am speaking a foreign language? Are we all lost in translation or do we have the universal ability to cross boundaries? I can’t make up my mind. My best friend is from Hong Kong and speaks four different languages and is very outgoing, yet even sometimes she must feel alienation like me and so many others?

Perhaps it is not which language we speak but what we say and how we say it.

In the final scene in ‘Lost in Translation’, Charlotte and Bob say an emotional goodbye, where an inaudible whisper is exchanged, which is meant to be the ‘secret’ of the movie. I know that secrets should be kept that way, but the internet claims that Bob says to Charlotte ‘I love you. Always tell the truth.’ I have only just found this out and it made me cry, for I realized that perhaps ‘the truth’ is all anyone needs; perhaps alienation is created through people trying to live behind a lie or to disguise some part of their identity. If everyone was completely truthful, would there be any barriers or any need for translation at all?

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So do what you must do, to find yourself…

‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ is just one of those iconic films which every girl should watch. I personally love everything about the film, the glamor, the music, the comedy; but what strikes me most is Holly Golightly’s search for identity.

Her public persona is ‘party girl’: beautiful, mysterious, and confident. But in reality she is just a shy little girl; trying to make a compromise between her longing for ‘the simple life’ and her desire for money, as she admits herself, ‘I need money, and I’ll do whatever I have to do to get it’.

The battle between these two identities is confirmed by the use of her two names, ‘Holly Golightly’ and ‘Lula-Mae Barnes’. It is as if she is constantly trying to run away from herself and her mistakes. My favourite lines in the film/book is when she is in the taxi, just before she throws Cat out in the rain. She tries to expain to ‘Fred’:

‘I’m not Holly, I’m not Lula-Mae either. I don’t know who I am. I’m like Cat here. We’re just a couple of no-named slobs. We belong to nobody and nobody belongs to us – we don’t even belong to each other!’

I feel like these lines epitomize what the story is about – finding yourself: Holly hasn’t yet. She needs to abandon her fears, and her dreams which she thinks will bring her happiness – those of money and gold digging.

It is something about Holly that we can all associate with. Do any of us really know ourselves? Do we all have dreams which in actuality are harmful to our happiness? At the beginning of the film, Holly announces, ‘when I find a place where me and things go together, well, I’ll buy some furniture and give the cat a name!’ Perhaps it’s not a case of finding that place, but creating it. So maybe if we all bought the furniture, things would come together and we would create who we are and where we belong. : )


it’s just a thought!

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